For A Sustainable
And Greener Future


Sustainability at Advance Mobility Experts and the Advance Group

In our company, we consider sustainability to be a fundamental value that is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that are not only profitable, but also make a positive contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving long-term sustainability goals in our society.


The sustainability efforts in our company cover various aspects:

Our efforts focus on minimizing ecological footprints and using resources efficiently - not only in our company, but also in the products and processes we help to design for our customers. At the same time, we attach great importance to social responsibility by acting fairly and ethically, valuing the interests of our employees and business partners and actively engaging in communities.

We are proud to follow a sustainable path and play an active role in creating a more liveable and sustainable world.

Our 2023 Christmas campaign

Trees are not only festive symbols in our culture. Thanks to their ability to absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, they play a crucial role in the fight against climate change: a tree not only helps to reduce the carbon footprint, but also provides a habitat for numerous animal and plant species.


This year, we made a conscious decision not to exchange greeting cards, paper and postal mail.

Instead, we planted a tree in a local renaturation project in Germany and Spain on behalf of our customers, business partners and employees and sent the tree sponsors a personal email with an individually issued tree certificate.

These trees from our sustainable Christmas campaign will make a real difference! They not only provide fresh air, but also protect nature and have a lasting impact on the environment. And long after the festive season!

This simple gesture can have a big impact and shows that we can all do our bit to make our world a little better again.

The Advance Forest

Here you can see the trees already donated as part of our campaign.
You can also contribute to the Advance Forest by choosing one of the worldwide renaturation projects: